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Joseph Ratzinger, in his non-existent capacities as pope, theologian, and research scholar, has, in his just released attack on the Catholic Faith, expressed amazement at what he terms the mystery of betrayal by one of Christ’s selected disciples, Judas...
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While Ratzinger decries the shortage of priests resulting from the huge initial loss following introduction of the immense innovations of the Second Vatican Council...
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A man has written a book of such length that the three selections therefrom which he has released would fill more than one of my eight-page issues...
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As a young priest, Pope Benedict put his name to a document calling for the Church seriously to investigate the obligation to priestly celibacy....
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Why do some who believe themselves Catholic attend non-traditional worship on days on which they are obliged to assist at Mass?...
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David Wood, Texas Catholic Herald apologist for the inevitable improvement involved in the novus ordo mass substitute, has examined in detail how this looming English variation translates et cum spiritu tuo...
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