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And the best of the whines are Rhenisch

Mayday is widely observed, often coincidentally in religious and secular ways by recognition of current events presented as true. This year the competition is fierce. But I shall confine myself to the truth of the Ratzifaction of battification (nykteranthropy) and its implications.


A notable defect in this particular process is haste, as though time might run out. Ratzinger even claimed credit for the excessive speed, as if thereby he might forestall legitimate criticism. Perhaps he feared that if left to a future “pope” the process might never fructify, since the deleterious effects of Wojtyla’s reign would increasingly impinge.


There is no question that the skeletonised process has been hastened for political reasons – to confer “divine approval” on a man who had publicly conspired for nearly forty years to destroy the Catholic Church.  The obedient layman will then never question fifty years of innovation imposed on him. Whether obedience is owed then becomes a begged question. We must not let the beggars prevail.


Ratzinger has presented another of his great jokes – from which we can surely deduce an obvious truth. He is not, and can never become, a genuine pope, even should he find a real bishop or three to consecrate him bishop.


As all his jokes, this has a purpose. Behind this foolish fervor for the Koran Kisser lies a cold-blooded endeavor to canonize the whole disastrous Renewal. If we were to accept this nykteranthropy we would approve the disappearance of all that made us Catholic – our supermillennial worship, sacraments, creeds, and dogmas – and thereby acknowledge validity in office of five consecutive innovative antipopes who have publicly proven that they are not Catholic. They continue to introduce error gradually, one small(!) step at a time. There is only so much room in a throat. A gulp like this will silence our voice forever.


The destruction continues apace. Soon, possibly, to prove ourselves Catholic, only our voice will remain.

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