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In his Living Liturgy article David Wood explores the changes in the Mystery of Faith acclamation (formerly known as the Memorial Acclamation) which follows the Institution Narration [which replaced the Consecration]....
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Despite the historically established fact that the unification of the Italian peninsula into a single political unit came about through the machinations of a group of Freemasons in high offices, we often attract criticism for bigotry and loose uncharitable attributions that a concerted plot existed and continues to exist....
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Let us begin with creation, since we see so much of it in a most intricate system which has functioned as it continues for a long time in an obvious order for which can exist no other explanation than an omnipotent, intelligent Creator....
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The extent of papal wealth has been traditionally cloaked in secrecy. Even within the Vatican … no one … has an overall view of its infinitely ramified financial operations...
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David Wood continues to deepen, nurture, and celebrate the Living Liturgy. He has fought his way to the end of the Credo....
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All should read this horrifying article (Let Him Prey) to appreciate the utter lack of moral character in this formerly great institution. Words cannot express our disgust at how these godly men covered the crimes of such as the convicted Donald McGuire....
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